"I paint by necessity… without thought, some form of liberated automatism. I allow my unconscious mind to guide my hand. I cultivate my obsessions by making use of my demons and my ghosts to pull a creative energy from them. An artist is above all an antennae – an emotional receptor opening a passage into different worlds. Each character in my paintings is filled with stories and creatures, giving life to a constant movement of death, love, sex… of life to put it simply. We are all made up of details. Our life is constructed by them and in their absence we would not exist. We would become transparent.
On the surface, we are only words, expressions – inside we are colors."

Jean-Marc ‘s life  inspired the British film director Dominic Allan who made the movie “CALVET” recounting his incredible journey in life and his redemption thanks to his paintings.Today, Calvet’s arwork is well recognized and can be found in Museums, Fondations in the USA, in Nicaragua and in numerous international collections. 


"CALVET" movie trailer

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