Born in Nancy / France Feb 1956, major graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Nancy, CharlElie is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work covers the explorationary fields of image, writing and music.

24 albums of poetic-blues-rock songs, 1500 international concerts, CharlElie also composed fifteen original soundtracks for films. He created posters, designed logos, watches, glasses and shoes. He published books of drawings and photos as well as two short stories anthologies.

 In 1981, he founded in Nancy, the cooperative group Local à Louer, linking photographers, painters and poets, and published on that occasion the “Art Rock Manifesto”The success of his poetic-rock-blues music albums has not stopped him from continuing his exploration in painting, sculpture and photography.

 Since his first individual exhibit in a gallery (1978), CharlElie exhibited his work in Europ and now in New York, where he settled in 2004. CharlElie became an American citizen in May 2011.

From 1981 to 2004, he produced images, poems, songs and shorts stories inspired by his numerous trips (Hotel rooms, urban landscapes). His current painting, “photo-graff” and sculpture work is now mostly focused on the “perspective of the inner lines”.

The work of CharlElie is first and foremost a reflection about human being, and the different layers of the personality. The formal aspect of his expression is a very coded urban mix, combining photo and painting. CharlElie was one of the pioneers of the web in France. His personnal site is now completed by, devoted to his visual artwork.

 For thirty years, CharlElie has accumulated an incredible amount of different works. Great artists often challenge the complacent truth; a life trajectory crosses periods of shadow and light. Between the glass walls of the Manhattan buildings and the rumbling heart of a society in permanent RE-construction, CharlElie’s path has shown itself to be a search for the absolute of Art.